About Us

A little about us and our philosophy: we come to work every day because we want to keep solving the biggest problems around compliance. We are fans of digital and evangelists of technology. “Customer service”, “underpromise and overdeliver” and “positivity” are not reserved just for the About Us page – rather, they are found in our DNA, our company culture and philosophy to provide you with an exemplary and positive engagement throughout your entire Skypiom journey. You have our commitment.

Dietmar Frey


With more than 40 years experience in the software technology business, Dietmar continues to play a strategic role at Skypiom, including product definition, internal processes and international options. Dietmar, an Amazon Web Services Customer Council member, is deeply ingrained in Skypiom Compliance’s development process, including strategic deployment. His deep understanding of software development coupled with a future-proofing mindset allows Dietmar to conceptualise modules that are not only beneficial but imperative for organisations.

Thomas Kritzer

Managing Director

Thomas is at the forefront of the business development and client interaction centre. Thomas executes agreed upon plans, manages the entire sales, marketing, creative and market response process together with a team of insightful solution architects, super-users, senior SaaS alchemists and ecosystem enablers, and provides a solid company infrastructure geared for scalability. Thomas has a deep understanding of the compliance and training environment, which emanates primarily from the aviation sector.

Angelique Potgieter

Customer Success Manager
With 10 years of training and development experience, Angelique is passionate about empowering customers to succeed. Angelique leads the support department and takes care of Skypiom Compliance’s clients from the onboarding phase through to developing impactful learning content and providing support on setting up intricate Compliance Roles. As a patient guide and with extensive knowledge of the Skypiom Compliance system, Angelique is devoted to providing solutions and support every step of the way.

Joshua Knifton

Business Development Manager

Joshua, driven by a passion for and dedication to SaaS and cutting-edge technology, leads Skypiom’s business development department propelling growth and nurturing invaluable client connections. With a tenure that commenced in 2017, Joshua has honed extensive expertise at Skypiom Compliance and has a thorough comprehension of the training and compliance landscape. These accomplishments uniquely equip Joshua to deliver optimal solutions, aligning with Skypiom’s unwavering commitment to exceptional service.

Anya Ragaller

HR & Finance Manager
Anya is a seasoned professional with 21 years of compliance experience, predominantly within the aviation sector. Presently, she adeptly manages HR and finance at Skypiom Compliance. Her expertise spans leadership development, risk management, international business, and innovation, making her a versatile asset. Anya is highly skilled in governance and compliance, demonstrating her extensive expertise.