Skypiom Compliance can deliver truly granular, insightful and powerful reports on a scheduled or on-demand basis with various reporting options. 

Standard & Custom Reporting

Skypiom Compliance comprises an impressive basket of standard reports that exceed most learning and compliance platform’s reporting offering. 

Should the standard reports not be sufficient, custom reports – such as legislative reports – will fill any possible void: Skypiom Compliance’s “Report Development Kit”, allows for genuine custom reporting that extends well beyond the capabilities of a standard report generator. 

The customer’s IT team or Skypiom, at the behest of the customer, can develop custom reports on Skypiom Compliance directly via this ecosystem.

Reporting that Packs a Punch

A common reporting shortcoming relates to the ability to process data. Small reporting requests are relatively straightforward to process. Comparatively, reporting requests that comprise vast amounts of data from possibly various sources require significantly more processing power and this is where most systems fall short. 

Skypiom has solved this limitation through a dedicated reporting engine that can process even the most demanding reports. For a customer this future-proofed capability should be of importance since reporting requirements inevitably do change, which should not be limited by a lack of processing capability. 

Custom Report Examples

There is no limit to custom reporting; in addition to a custom look and feel, data for reporting can originate from various sources: primarily being from Skypiom Compliance but sources may include external systems such as Human Capital Management-, Enterprise Resource Panning- or Customer Resource Management systems, as an example.