Pillar 4

Auditing verifies, evaluates and clearly delineates to what degree conformance has taken place pertaining to a specification, policy or procedure. 

Skypiom Compliance’s fully integrated auditing suite allows for flexible specification and execution of almost any auditing requirement – both online and offline. Irrespective whether the audit type is internal or external, or whether the audit is conducted on-site, remote or via a self-audit, Skypiom Compliance ensures a wide degree of flexibility that caters for almost all auditing environments. 

Audit Templates

Skypiom Compliance contains an audit template authoring tool, via which unlimited configurable templates may be authored. These templates serve as the master, based on which individual audits may be launched. 


The actual auditing process is simple and undemanding, thanks to Skypiom Compliance’s intuitive workflow process.

Auditing module example