Compliance Roles

Compliance Roles, the backbone of Skypiom Compliance, govern all compliance requirements for both employees as well as external stakeholders, such as clients or contractors.

Compliance Roles cater for the tracking of just a single item as well as the tracking of multiple items. By way of example, the tracking of a single item could be the tracking of a professional driving permit, whereby the tracking of multiple items could be a financial advisor who must complete Anti-Money Laundering, Workplace Diversity, Cybersecurity, Know Your Customer and Data Breach Policy on a recurring basis.

The below denotes a Compliance Role that tracks only one Compliance Item as well as a Compliance Role that tracks multiple Compliance Items. Should just one Compliance Item be out of date then the entire Compliance Role will become non-compliant. The user is alerted of the imminent expiry of each Compliance Item ahead of time. 

Compliance Role with single Compliance Item
Compliance Role with multiple Compliance Items

Creating Compliance Roles

Defining Compliance Roles, including each Role’s respective Compliance Items, is easily managed directly on Skypiom Compliance. 

Create Compliance Roles

Each Compliance Role may contain any number of Compliance Items, which are individually tracked items.

Define Compliance Items

Compliance Items are tracked based on the following: completing a course on Skypiom Compliance or on another learning platform, obtaining CPD points, executing an audit, completing a performance review or reading a Mandatory Notice.

Link Users

Link users to one or multiple Compliance Roles.

Automatic Alerts

Set flexible alert parameters for each Compliance Role, which are automatically sent to users.

Track Compliance

The completion of required compliance interventions linked to each Compliance Item can be automatically tracked either directly from Skypiom Compliance, from external platforms (API integration required), or manually entered.


Standard or custom reports may be generated.