Consolidated Achievement Registry

Pillar 1

A user’s achievements can originate from any source, such as tertiary education, a previous employer’s compliance training, online courses, or their own upskilling that they may have done in their own time – the origins of a user’s achievements are virtually limitless and hold true for both employees as well as contractors.

Skypiom’s Consolidated Achievement Registry or CAR, captures and records these achievements and even allows for the migration of user data from an existing LMS. 

More importantly, CAR ensures that there is one central place in which all learning and compliance activities are recorded and referenced from, which is instrumental in accurately managing compliance in its entirety.

Consolidated Achievements Registry

One Version Of the Truth For All Tracked Items

Compliance tracking has been, by and large, a manual process. Even if software is deployed to support compliance tracking, this is often limited to a single source, for example a LMS, whereby any other interventions – such as CPD initiatives – have to be tracked manually. As a result compliance records are seldom complete and often do not represent an accurate compliance picture, thereby leaving the organisation exposed. 

Similarly, compliance records are almost certainly lost when an organisation wishes to migrate from one tracking platform – such as a LMS – to another, often delaying or even derailing the transition as a result.  

Skypiom’s CAR solves these problems:

CAR affords organisations a central repository that acts as a single version of the truth for all tracked items thereby mitigating the problem of retaining records in various locations such as spreadsheets and multiple external learning and compliance platforms. 

Finally, granular user data may be imported from existing platforms and LMSs thereby making the transition to Skypiom Compliance painless and without compromising any user’s compliance data.

Creating a CAR Entry

API Connection

An API connection between Skypiom Compliance and a service provider allows for automatic updating of the Consolidated Achievement Registry (CAR) record when a course is completed. The API may also be used to import user data from an existing platform, such as a LMS.

Manual Updating

The adding of a Consolidated Achievement Registry (CAR) record can alternatively be done manually on Skypiom Compliance, via an easy to use front-end user interface, which is completed either by an administrator or user with the required permission.