Learning Management System

Pillar 2

Skypiom Compliance comprises a powerful and feature rich white label learning management system, purpose built for compliance training. 

Learning materials and assessments (including non-compliance related materials) may be consumed via Skypiom Compliance’s integrated LMS. 

Alternatively, a customer may leverage their existing Learning Management System from which to deploy learning materials and assessments. 

Skypiom Compliance platform

Learning Materials

Packaged Content

SCORM 1.2 & SCORM 2004 (editions 1 - 4), xAPI (TinCan) with LRS linking, AICC & cmi5

Common Content

PDF (static & interactive, Word & PowerPoint), MP4, MP3, YouTube, Vimeo, ThingLink etc.

Content Management

A built-in content management tool allows flexible learning material creation

Mobile & Tablet

Skypiom Compliance operates seamlessly on smart phones & tablets

Alerts & Reminders

Alerts and reminders are sent when the learning material nears expiration

Enrolment Management

Admins can enrol users based on various criteria, either in situ or future dated

Unlimited Content

Host unlimited learning materials, irrespective of type and duration

Auto Enrolments

Flag specific learning materials for auto enrolment upon first login

Cost Capturing

Allocate an associated cost to learning materials, which can be included in reports


Create varying learning material categories, which can be reported on

Offline Capability

View content online or download content for later consumption

Content Store

Commercialise learning materials via the Skypiom Compliance store


Multiple Choice

One answer or multiple answers correct

Free Text

Mix free text with multiple choice questions

Observational Assessing

Scored by a facilitator on a digital device

Images & Videos

Elevate assessing by including media formats


Apply different weightings to specific answers


Ensuring that no two assessments are the same

Negative Answers

Negatively score incorrect answers, if required

Question Banks

Unlimited banks with question grouping

Timed & Untimed

Assessments may be timed or untimed

Certificates & Badges

Attach either or both to a successful completion

Multiple Attempts

With single or multiple attempt options


Multiple choice and free text answers

Uploading of Answers

Upload files that form part of an assessment

Skills Gap Analysis

Determine a user's or group exact skillset

Auto Save

Answers are always saved throughout the assessment

Proctoring (AI)

Confirm that the correct user is taking the assessment