Mandatory Notices

Pillar 5

Organisations often require documentation to be disseminated to an audience after which unequivocal evidence is required that demonstrates a user having read a specific document. Skypiom Compliance solves this challenge by automating the distribution of Mandatory Notices, which are obligatory documents that a user must digitally sign after having read the document. 

Mandatory Notices track who has read the Notice, including date, time and from which device and IP address the Notice was read from. In addition, Skypiom Compliance outlines which user the Notice applies to and whether or not they have read and acknowledged the Notice. 

Mandatory Notices also automatically alerts and reminds users should they not yet have consumed and acknowledged the Notice.

Mandatory Notices

Taking Mandatory Notices one step further, Skypiom Compliance can also disseminate, manage and track legislative and regulatory updates that originate from outside the company, for example from LexisNexis. The legislative and regulatory updates are tied to Mandatory Notices. Read more about legislative and regulatory updates here

Flexible features enable easy setup and reliable deployment: